New A25 Bridge Linking Montreal to Laval

Looking up the A25 for the last post, I found the ministry (MTQ) opened a website about it, presenting is as the “intelligent link”… More buzzword for just a toll bridge with automated toll collection and different pricing for peak and off-peak periods.

I will not debate the claims that the new bridge will improve transportation all across the board, a research project in which I participate with other Montreal Transportation researchers will examine this. From a technological point of view, there is an interesting video that displays most of the technology used: RFID tags, automated license plate readers, plus traffic data collection sensors (one can see cuts in the road way for the inductive loops, as well as wave sensors above the lanes). There is however no mention of what you should do with a rented car (or a communauto car). They also mention that you will pay more if your vehicle changes category because of a height increase, showing the example of a trailer or a fridge in a pickup: how are they detecting that? Video analysis or laser scanners?

Finally, for the geeks out there, the video features prominently a MacBook pro used to demonstrate how easy it is to register online, while the OS is Windows 7: advertising people really have some odd ideas.


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