Spring is Pothole Season

Spring is finally the time to go out again. We took our bikes out recently and bixis are back! Yet, it is also the time to pay attention to all the new craters in the streets, all the more for bikes if you want to avoid a flat tire (I know something about that…). Obviously other cities have similar issues, and those issues are not addressed either in a proper way. To make actual improvements to streets in Minneapolis, 30 million $ are estimated to be needed per year, which prompts David Levinson to remark:

“$30 million per year spread over 380,000 people is $78 per year per resident, which is $0.21 per day per resident, which is as they say, pocket change. If only there were some mechanism by which drivers could pay in proportion to their use of transportation facilities, say, something proportional to how much fuel were consumed. Then maybe we could solve problems like this. The problem is governance. Roads should be re-conceived as a public utility, not a department of government.” (from Ah, spring! The song of the robin and the filling of the pothole)

Yes, indeed Montréal, the problem is governance…


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