Meet Me at TRB Next January

This is not yet 2012, but the program of the TRB Annual Meeting is ready. I will have 5 co-authored papers presented this year with my students and others. I’ll be there from January 21st to 26th and will be happy to meet discuss at a booth, a poster session or for a beer! I will also be publicizing my Traffic Intelligence open source project which is coming together.

Select Type No. Sponsor Function Title Location Time
S 430 ANF10 Relationship Between Walking and Design Marriott Jan 23 2012 7:30PM- 9:30PM
P 536 ANB20 Safety Performance of High-Speed Facilities Marriott Jan 24 2012 10:45AM- 12:30PM
P 652 ANF10 Pedestrian Safety and Operations Marriott Jan 24 2012 7:30PM- 9:30PM
S 779 ANF10 Pedestrian Safety at Traffic Signals Marriott Jan 25 2012 4:30PM- 6:00PM

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