New Tools for Replicability

Finally some new posting on this blog. You may have read in The Economist and other places about the various problems with research and science. If you know me or have read my professional website or follow me on twitter, you know I am a big proponent of reproductibility, the capacity for anyone to replicate another researcher’s findings. I sometime feel lonely in the field of transportation. That is why I am happy when I find strong confirmation of the crucial aspect of reproductibility elsewhere. I will therefore quote from a previous post of that New Yorker blog a few sentences (emphasis added):

“Instead of, for example, rewarding scientists largely for the number of papers they publish—which credits quick, sloppy results that might not be reliable—we might reward scientists to a greater degree for producing solid, trustworthy research that other people are able to successfully replicate and then extend.”

Without replication, all results should be taken as preliminary.”

“The best science is cumulative, not just a list of fun results; as people push deeper, bad ideas that are invalid eventually crumble.”

That is why I push for open data, open source software and sharing one’s data. In the same post, I discovered the Open Science Framework which looks like an interesting website built on top of git.


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